Robin Raskin is quoted in this month’s Whole Foods Magazine about the state of the high tech beauty industry.

Trendspotting at the ECRM
One retailer I spoke with, Dominique Rush, Buyer for The Beauty Collection, wants consumers to know that The Beauty Collection is a family-owned business with close-knit vendor relationships that takes pride in its carefully considered brand portfolio. “Our customer requests and buying team ensure we have the best offerings in our locations,” said Rush. “Customers are ingredient savvy and want clean ingredients in their beauty products. A trend that I have seen grow across the board is fo sustainably sourced products, including the packaging and support collateral. Nowadays, less is more when it comes to packaging and cartons.”

Also speaking to consumer interests, Tony Giovanini, Senior Vice President, ECRM Health & Beauty Care, said, “There was definitely a theme around beauty personalization and wellness, and how consumers are making lifestyle changes, pampering themselves from the comfort of their homes. We saw a wide variety of bath and spa products, including bath bombs, scented soaps, body lotions/moisturizers, bath salts, and candles.”

The theme of the products is focused on pure ingredients that are natural, sustainable and good for you, Giovanini added. “These products were available in single units, as well as in luxury style gift sets for the holidays. We also saw new mask treatments, including traditional but unique face masks, hair masks and hand & foot masks with a focus on style, superfoods and CBD.”

On the cosmetics side, there are some really great luxury style gift sets available at affordable prices for the upcoming Holiday Season.These sets focused on color focused eye pallets and lip glosses. Again, sticking with the lifestyle and DIY theme, the beauty tools have continued to improve as well from implements, applicators, cosmetics bags.

According to Robin Raskin founder of Living in Digital Times, “Beauty and wellness is moving very quickly into the digital age. We’re seeing artificial intelligence being used in facial recognition for personalization of services allowing the customer to experiment with product, gauge their results and make new offers for products including skin care, makeup, hair care, dental, personal hygiene and more.”

Raskin also predicts the blockchain supply will help improve sourcing for the beauty industry and trends show an emphasis on purity of goods and eco-tasteful packaging and materials. “The line is blurring between cosmetic and overall wellness.” That was apparent in the brands I met with at the event.