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5G and IOT Revolution: what’s the role of blockchain? | WEBINAR

September 2 @ 1:00 pm - 2:45 pm

In a 5G enabled future, is the place of blockchain technology that of preserving security and privacy ? If so, who will benefit?

About this Event

IoT connect billions of objects together for high speed data transfer especially in 5G-enabled industrial environment during information collection and processing. Most of the issues such as access control mechanism, time to fetch the data from different devices and protocols used may not be applicable in for future applications as these protocols are based upon a centralized architecture. This centralized architecture may have a single point of failure along with the computational overhead. So, there is a need for an efficient decentralized access control mechanism for device-to-device (D2D) communication in various industrial sectors IoT-enabled industrial automation. In such an environment, security and privacy preservation are major concerns as most of the solutions are based upon the centralized architecture. In a 5G enabled future, is the place of blockchain that of preserving security and privacy ? If so, who would be the ultimate beneficiary of this powerful combination of technologies ?

As usual, a panel of five to six stakeholders from the tech and business space will debate the topic during a panel discussion that looks very promising.


  • 6:00 Welcome
  • 6:10 Talks
  • 7:00 Panel discussion
  • 7:45 Closing

About Trustless Ecosystems 2030

Created back in 2018, the Trustless Ecosystems 2030 group counts today over one thousand members across platforms, it is well known for organizing meaningful discussions focused on blockchain and emerging technologies. Speakers are stake-holders from companies of any size implementing blockchain, start-up founders, CTOs and advisors actively involved in this space. Founding purpose of the group is to facilitate collaboration between decision-makers and the blockchain world.


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The event is supported by TIIQU and takes place on Zoom.

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